About Us

Created by professionals, tailored for athletes

Pique Performance was founded by a medical clinician and a biochemist who both happen to be athletes. Utilizing 50+ years of clinical research and pharmaceutical development experience, the Pique team endeavors to not only provide cutting edge formulations tailored for specific athletic and fitness objectives, but most importantly, to provide them in doses optimal for athletic success. Now that we’ve piqued your interest, allow us to Pique your Performance.

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Kyle Brown

"The products are light and I find that they are easy to digest, not something that is heavy, and has all the nutrients I need to recover after tournaments and I feel like I bounce back quicker than before."

SA Sevens Player

Charl du Toit

"Pique Performance products has helped me step up my game in regards to recovery. After a hard session you need something for muscle recovery and this is a brilliant product for that purpose. I can see this in how easily I bounce back after training."

SA Paralympic Gold Medallist